Riverside Children’s Theatre presents two musical productions each year, one in the late fall and one in the early spring.  All of the actors are students in the acting school held on Saturday mornings.  Productions are directed and choreographed by professionals in the dramatic arts.

Current Production:



Tickets will be $15 at the door or $12 purchased in advance. Tickets will be available from any RCT member or any of our outlet sponsors shown below.

All shows will be performed at the Arlington High School Theatre:

2951 Jackson, Riverside, CA


  • Friday, April 21st @ 7pm
  • Saturday, April 22nd @ 1pm and 7pm
  • Sunday, April 23rd @ 1pm
  • Friday, April 28th @ 7pm
  • Saturday, April 29th @ 1pm and 7pm
  • Sunday, April 30th @ 1pm


Outlet Sponsors:

  • Alin Party Supply at 6493 Magnolia Ave, Riverside.
  • Capezio Dance at 3864 Tyler, Riverside.

6 thoughts on “Productions

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    • RCT’s productions are performed entirely by children, so it is ideal for children of all ages. Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be if they can sit through a children’s movie appropriately, they would be fine for an RCT production.

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