RCT Board

BoardPhoto jannaPresident: Janna LeBlanc
Janna runs the organization, oversees the Board of Directors, and is the public face of RCT.




kris board photo
Vice President: Kris Wilson
Kris assists the President, is in charge of committees, recruits Board of Director members, and is President-Elect.




BoardPhoto SusanParent Liaison: Susan Olsen
Susan is the main point of contact for members for any concerns, issues, or complaints and is part of the discipline team that gives referrals when necessary. Most communication with members will be done through Susan.



BoardPhoto Lisa Carty
Membership Chair: Lisa Carty
Lisa maintains the waiting list for membership, collects tuition for Saturday School, and does orientations for new members.




BoardPhoto TammyProduction Liaison: Tammy Calzadillas
Tammy is the main point of contact for any members involved in the Fall or Spring productions. She schedules production rehearsals and supervisions. She attends rehearsals and is the person you should talk to with any concerns related to productions. She is the “go-between” between members and the Directors and Producer. She is also part of the discipline team.



Lisa HaraMarketing Chair: Lisa Hara
Lisa distributes production tickets to all production and non-production families. She is also the person that will collect your ticket money prior to each production. Lisa is in charge of production posters, the program,  fliers, door hangers and other marketing tools. Lisa is also the person you will see to order program ads or cast messages.



BoardPhoto ShannonPublic Relations Chair: Shannon Kelly Jones
Shannon is in charge of organizing the Sneak Peek performance prior to the Fall and Spring productions and getting the word out to the community about our organization and productions, through press releases, articles in local magazines, etc.




BoardPhoto Elizabeth

BoardPhoto katrinaCurriculum Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Quigney and Katrina Tilden
Elizabeth and Katrina are in charge of Saturday School.

They supervise the teachers and aides, review lesson plans, and deal with discipline issues.

Please see Elizabeth or Katrina first for any Saturday School concerns and if the concerns aren’t addressed at that point, contact the Parent Liaison, Susan Olsen.



BoardPhoto AnnieTreasurer A/P: Annie Hansberger
Annie is the Accounts Payable treasurer, in charge of paying our bills, tracking RCT’s financial status, and providing financial reports that are available to the Board and membership.




Lise LaraTreasurer A/R: Lise Lara
Lise is our Accounts Receivable treasurer. She maintains our QuickBooks account, tracking all tuition and production money received by RCT, and along with Annie, produces financial reports that are available to the Board and membership.



BoardPhoto PenniMerchandising Chair: Penni Ebina
Penni runs the boutique at productions and is in charge of RCT merchandise such as production T-shirts, cast buttons, and RCT clothing.




photoWays and Means Chair: Kat Mantz

Kat is in charge of fund raising and grant writing. She prepares grant applications, organizes fund raising events, and is in charge of raffle prizes. If you have a raffle prize you want to donate, see Kat.



heatherSecretary: Heather Crane
Heather is in charge of writing the minutes at board meetings, maintaining copies of these for membership review, writes a periodic newsletter and handles correspondence.




BoardPhoto AmySocial Media Chair: Amy Dalilis
Amy is in charge of maintaining our website, facebook page and other social media sites. She oversees the photography committee and designs the yearbook.



BoardPhoto CherylHistorical/Alumni Outreach (non-voting position): Cheryl Starr
Cheryl has been organizing photos, posters and programs from past productions in order to have a record of the 58 -year history of RCT.  She is in charge of reaching out to alumni to get them actively involved in fund raising, teaching, and productions.



Lisa Chute Board picCommunity Ambassador (non-voting position): Lisa Chute
Lisa is very involved in theater in the Inland Empire and has many contacts because of her years of involved in RCT and as an Inland Theatre League judge. She will interact with other theater and community groups for the benefit of RCT.


One thought on “RCT Board

  1. As a former RCT parent and board member ’94-2005, I would really like to commend you on the direction I see you taking our beloved theatre company. This website is fabulous, you seem to have created more parental involvement and I see you have added some summer RCT. Keep up the GREAT work!!! Lynne Schlosser

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